Are you ready
for a new you?

Are you ready for a new you?

About Scott

I want this to be an honest reflection of myself. In my mid teens, I struggled with my weight and nutrition. This resulted in me failing at sports that were my passion so I decided to do something about it. I began to exercise regularly and be more aware of my nutritional intake.

This led to me seeing results and feeling inspired.

Scott is an extremely competent and knowledgable trainer, very approachable and provides lots of encouragement without being overbearing. He listened to my requirements and tailored the training accordingly.


SB Fitness offers classes that will cater for all fitness abilities. The classes are based on Circuit Type/High Intensity Interval Training (HIIT) where each person can work at their own pace. SB Fitness’ key ethos is ‘community’ where everyone is made to feel welcome and encouraged.

The classes take place on a Tuesday (Metafit) and Thursday (Functional Fitness) from 7pm at Banchory Primary School. Please see more info within both the ‘Classes’ and ‘Social’ section of the website.


The SB42 – ‘Live to be Lean’ Programme is a 6 week (42 day) online exercise and nutrition plan. The key focus of SB42 is to help you achieve sustainable weight loss and fitness targets. Each individual is given a semi-personalised exercise and nutrition plan. 

All workouts can be completed at home with no equipment and can be modified to suit each individual. The meal plan is flexible and easy to follow. Each individual is given full support throughout to maximise results.

Still got questions?

Visit the faqs for more info on all my classes