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SB FITNESS is based in Banchory and is dedicated to helping individuals of all abilities achieve personal fitness aims and goals. Each individual will receive fitness advice that is tailored to bringing positive results for them.  All personal training sessions and classes are varied, achievable and inspiring.  All individuals are treated with respect, empathy and will be welcomed whatever their fitness ability. 

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At SB FITNESS, it is recognised that all individuals have different levels of fitness. It doesn’t matter if your an elite athlete or a novice, you are more than welcome to get in touch. So if you are looking for that extra encouragement and are dedicated to making a positive change, SB FITNESS is for you!

About Scott

I want this to be an honest reflection of myself. In my mid teens, I struggled with my weight and nutrition. This resulted in me failing at sports that were my passion so I decided to do something about it. I began to exercise regularly and be more aware of my nutritional intake. This led to me seeing results and feeling inspired to help others!
After my school years, I went on to study Sport and Physical Education at University and also gained numerous fitness qualifications. At present, I continue to have a high level of interest in anything fitness. When I exercise, I don’t strive for perfection but to feel healthy and to work towards targets that will improve my quality of life. These targets can be to decrease a running time, increase a weight I lift or simply to drink more water on a daily basis. The road to increased health and fitness can be a long journey. Everyday, I am trying to learn and develop my fitness knowledge and I want to help others do that also. 
I started with the SB Fitness Functional Fitness group sessions at the beginning of 2019. The aim to get much fitter in general and to be fit enough to complete the Tour du Mont Blanc that summer. The sessions helped immensely in achieving that goal, they were all fun, well structured, well coached with great encouragement and instruction as you went through the session. A great group spirit was kindled and new friends made.
I really enjoy my PT sessions with Scott. My strength and overall fitness have really improved. The sessions are always varied and challenging. I am a keen runner so I particularly enjoy that the sessions are not always gym based but also outside. Scott is good at making you work outside your comfort zone. Always pushing you a little bit further than you think you can go.

Check out our services:


SB fitness offers various classes for all levels of fitness and ability. The classes range from performing functional movements, executing exercises at a high intensity and developing core and strength.


The SB42 – ‘Live to be Lean’ Programme is a 6 week (42 day) online exercise and nutrition plan. The key focus of SB42 is to help an individual achieve sustainable weight loss and fitness targets. Each individual is given a semi-personalised exercise and nutrition plan.


This program is for those of you who lead a busy lifestyle and need an easily accessible, ongoing and high impact way to achieve you wellness goals. 
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