Small impactful steps to your personal revolution. Embrace a healthier you with our 7-day challenge that focuses on easy-to-integrate micro habits for significant well-being improvements.

Your Unique Path to Wellness


In just seven days, Scott will guide you through a transformative experience that transcends mere habit formation. This is about unveiling the best version of yourself, one manageable step at a time. No more overwhelming challenges; just impactful, tailored changes designed for you.

Your Journey Highlights:

Day 1:
Ignite Your

  • Unearth the Power of Nutrition & Hydration: Fuel your body for sustained energy, improved mood, and holistic well-being.
  • Your Micro-Habit Challenge: Experience the immediate impact of small dietary shifts with our tailored micro-habit examples.

Day 2:
Embrace Flexibility and Ease Stress

  • Stretch to Unwind: Explore the profound benefits of stretching, enhancing both physical and mental resilience.
  • Your Micro-Habit Challenge: Choose from personalized stretching routines, crafted to fit seamlessly into your daily routine.
Explosive Jacks

Day 3:
Unlock the Secrets of Restorative Sleep

  • Elevate Your Sleep Quality: Transform your nights for rejuvenation and clarity, unlocking the full potential of each day.
  • Your Micro-Habit Challenge: Simple adjustments that make a big difference, ensuring a peaceful transition to dreamland.

Day 4:
Master Mental Clarity and Calm

  • Mental Wellness Through Mindfulness: Immerse yourself in the transformative power of mindfulness and meditation.
  • Your Micro-Habit Challenge: Embrace brief yet powerful mindfulness practices curated to your pace and lifestyle.
Mountain Climbers

Day 5:
Boost Your Well-being with Exercise

  • Exercise: Discover the transformative effects of incorporating regular, manageable exercise into your daily routine.
  • Your Micro-Habit Challenge:

    Start with simple, impactful activities such as a brisk 10-minute walk, a series of desk exercises, or a short stretching session to seamlessly blend movement into your day, enhancing your energy and overall health.


Day 6 & 7:
Reflect, Implement, and Propel Forward

  • Celebrate Your Progress: Acknowledge the cumulative effect of your mindful choices and plan for continued success.
  • Your Focus: Gradually expand on impactful habits, making wellness a seamless and joyful part of your life.
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SB Fitness Testimonial Fiona

Before starting I had no idea how much of an impact and change this would have on my health and well-being.

The workouts are simple to follow but also offer variety and can be easily adapted to suit my abilities.

Thank you to Scott for the ongoing support and enthusiasm throughout the programme and classes, I can’t wait to continue!

Fiona Buchan

SB Fitness Testimonials

It was last minute, by chance, I was told about your programme and I haven’t looked back since.

So easy to fit in a busy schedule and have now so much more energy, fitter and managed to lose 14lbs and 4 inches off my waist in 6 weeks !

I can’t recommend your programme enough - thank you!

Steve Mitchell

SB42 Diane Muollo

Signing up to the plan was a life changing experience for me personally.

I lost weight , got fitter and really enjoyed it. Scott was always on hand to give advice and encouragement which made it all the more easier.

Not just another diet but a whole new way of eating and exercising Would highly recommend 👍🏼

Diane Muollo

Your Journey, Your Community:

Celebrate Progress, Seek Support, Transform Together

As you traverse this 7-day voyage, you won’t be alone. Connect with like-minded individuals in our supportive community group. Share your victories, seek guidance, and forge connections that amplify your journey.

Scott Birse:
Your Guide, Your Ally

Expert Guidance Tailored to You

Scott isn’t just a trainer; he’s your ally in this transformative journey. Benefit from his expertise and regular Q&A sessions, ensuring your unique needs are met, and your questions are answered.
SB Fitness SB365

Ready to start your Microhabit journey?

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