Book 4 – Vibrant & Fresh


Dive into a world of culinary delights with 15 diverse recipes. Whether it’s the richness of Cheesy Chicken Muffins or the refreshing Strawberry Cottage Cheese Smoothie, this collection promises a gastronomic adventure for every meal.

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Introducing our “Vibrant & Fresh recipe collection”, a curated set of 15 delectable recipes that cater to both the health-conscious and those with a penchant for flavour. Whether you’re kickstarting your day with a nutritious breakfast, seeking a hearty lunch, planning a sumptuous dinner, or indulging in a treat, this pack promises a culinary journey of well-being.

Recipe Pack Includes:

  • Cheesy Chicken Muffins: A delightful combination of chicken, cheese, and peppers, baked to perfection for a savoury treat.
  • Strawberry Cottage Cheese Smoothie: A refreshing blend of strawberries and cottage cheese, sweetened with honey and a hint of vanilla.
  • Bacon Stuffed Mushrooms: A savoury treat filled with the rich flavours of bacon, perfect for a snack or appetiser.
  • Whipped Pesto Cream Cheese Spread: A creamy spread with the aromatic flavours of pesto, perfect for bread or crackers.
  • Beef Soba Noodle Bowl with Green Beans: A hearty dish combining beef with soba noodles and green beans, offering a burst of Asian flavours.
  • Cilantro & Mint Chutney: A refreshing chutney that brings together the vibrant flavours of cilantro and mint.
  • Tandoori Bowl: A flavourful bowl inspired by the rich spices of Indian cuisine.
  • Instant Pot Chicken Soup: A comforting soup made easy with the Instant Pot, perfect for chilly days.
  • Mediterranean Salmon with Greek Salad & Couscous: A delightful combination of salmon, Greek salad, and couscous, transporting you to the Mediterranean coast.
  • Smashed Pita Burger with Tzatziki: A unique twist on the classic burger, served with a creamy tzatziki sauce.
  • Poulet Yassa (Senegalese Chicken): Dive into African flavours with this traditional Senegalese chicken dish.
  • One-Pan Green Rice & Fish: A simple yet flavourful dish combining rice and fish, made in just one pan.
  • Vanilla Protein Pudding: A protein-packed pudding with a hint of vanilla, perfect for a post-workout treat.
  • Goat Cheese Stuffed Dates with Pistachios & Walnuts: A delightful combination of sweet dates and creamy goat cheese, complemented by the crunch of pistachios and walnuts.
  • Blueberry Protein Popsicles: A refreshing treat packed with protein, perfect for a hot day.

Embark on a culinary journey of health and well-being with our latest recipe collection. From breakfast to dinner, and even treats, there’s a dish for every palate. Happy cooking!