Fast Track Your Fitness With 6 Weeks of HIIT Power Workouts, Nutrition Plans, Coaching & Accountability.


Your 6-Week Journey to Lifelong Wellness


What to Expect…

Say Goodbye to Fad Diets and Hello to Lifelong Wellness.

SB42 isn’t just another weight loss programme; it’s a comprehensive, intensive and impactful 6 week online journey designed to fast track your results health and fitness results.

Why SB42 Stands Out

🟢 Beyond Weight Loss: Unlike other programmes that focus solely on the scales, we aim to transform your relationship with food, exercise, and yourself. This isn’t just about a number; it’s about lifelong wellness.

🟢 Personalised, Sustainable Nutrition: Our flexible nutrition plans are tailored to your unique body measurements and designed for sustainability. Learn how to make healthy choices that you can maintain for life with a goal to lose up to 2lbs per week during the programme. 

🟢 Efficient, Habit-Forming Workouts: Led by Scott, these online workouts are not just effective; they’re designed to become part of your routine. Short but impactful, these sessions will become a habit you won’t want to break.


Additional Perks

🟢 Weekly Progress Tracking: Our weekly fitness assessments at the SB Fitness gym serve as milestones in your journey, helping you stay committed and motivated. This hybrid approach combines the flexibility of online learning with the accountability of in-person check-ins.

🟢 Inclusive and Adaptable: Whether you’re a fitness novice or a seasoned athlete, our programme adapts to your level, ensuring everyone can benefit.

🟢 Community And Mindset: Join a community of like-minded individuals and benefit from collective motivation and support. Plus our programme includes mindset coaching to help you break through those mental barriers that have been holding you back from seeing your desired results. 


SB Fitness Testimonial Fiona

Before starting SB42 I had no idea how much of an impact and change this would have on my health and well-being.

The workouts and nutritional plan are simple to follow but also offer variety and can be easily adapted to suit my abilities.

Thank you to Scott for the ongoing support and enthusiasm throughout the programme and classes, I can’t wait to continue!

Fiona Buchan

SB Fitness Testimonials

It was last minute, by chance, I was told about your SB42 programme and I haven’t looked back since.

So easy to fit in a busy schedule and have now so much more energy, fitter and managed to lose 14lbs and 4 inches off my waist in 6 weeks !

I can’t recommend your programme enough - thank you!

Steve Mitchell

SB42 Diane Muollo

Signing up to the SB42 fitness plan was a life changing experience for me personally.

I lost weight , got fitter and really enjoyed it. Scott was always on hand to give advice and encouragement which made it all the more easier.

Not just another diet but a whole new way of eating and exercising Would highly recommend 👍🏼

Diane Muollo


Next Round Starting September 7th 2024!

I would highly recommend the SB42 plan easy to follow, great exercise format like how you keep everyone motivated with your reminders. Good nutrition plan & using my fitness pal to record your calories etc is great. I will be continuing doing the workouts & the Home HIIT classes. Thank you Scott

Great plan, easy to follow & can do exercises at times suitable for you. Support is very good with lots of positive feedback and advice. Thoroughly recommend it to get the push and motivation to get healthy.

I would highly recommend SB42 to everyone, I am so pleased with my results in the last 6 weeks, changed my eating, my exercise & just feel so much better. Thank you to you Scott for helping me achieve it. I’m going to keep it up with My fitness pal & Home HIIT.

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