SB FITNESS is based in Banchory and is dedicated to helping individuals of all abilities achieve personal fitness aims and goals. Each individual will receive fitness advice that is tailored to bringing positive results for them.  All personal training sessions and classes are varied, achievable and inspiring.  All individuals are treated with respect, empathy and will be welcomed whatever their fitness ability.

The classes take place on a Monday (Mix), Tuesday (Metafit), Thursday (Functional Fitness), Friday (Fierce) and Saturday (Strong) at the SB Fitness Gym. Please see more info within both the ‘Classes’ and ‘Social’ section of the website.


The SB42 – ‘Live to be Lean’ Programme is a 6 week (42 day) online exercise and nutrition plan. The key focus of SB42 is to help you achieve sustainable weight loss and fitness targets. Each individual is given a semi-personalised exercise and nutrition plan. 

All workouts can be completed at home with no equipment and can be modified to suit each individual. The meal plan is flexible and easy to follow. Each individual is given full support throughout to maximise results.


This program is for those of you who lead a busy lifestyle and need an easily accessible, ongoing and high impact way to achieve you wellness goals. 

With a motivational and supportive community to help keep you on track, this program is designed to help you to achieve the results that you are looking for, while celebrating with you along the journey. 

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